Offset defends wife Cardi B after Snoop Dogg criticizes songs from his hit single ‘WAP’

Offset defends wife Cardi B after Snoop Dogg criticizes songs from his hit single 'WAP'

By Bang Showbiz 1 hour ago

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Offset defended Cardi B after Snoop Dogg criticized the lyrics to his hit single, ‘WAP’.

The 49-year-old rapper recently set a record on the chart-topping single – which Cardi recorded with Megan The Stallion – for being too vulgar and “lacking in imagination”.

And now, Cardi’s husband and fellow rapper Seth Fassett has jumped on the bandwagon to defend his spouse, saying he “hates when” a woman gets involved in the “sex business” because he believes that Men should be encouraged for “empowerment”.

She said: “She’s grown up. I don’t get involved in any business, so I’m just saying that I hate when people do that.

“As rappers, we’re talking about the same ***. Men can’t talk about women rats – they’re too powerful, stop first. There’s a lot of women rattan empowerment, don’t shoot it. We have It never was. The female artists are running it ***, they catch on to us, [even] We pass and set records. They [song] There are two ists on a record – it’s a very successful record. “

Migos Rapper added that instead of telling men what they can and can’t do, women should “raise their voices.”

She told TMZ: “We should encourage our women rats and not say what they can or can’t do. You know how long rats are told to do something. Can’t or they shouldn’t do that or they have been beaten. Entertainment? So, I stay out of female things … it’s entertainment. You can go to YouTube and see people with guns. They shoot videos and talk about killing. We can’t really be decisive on some things, but some things we are not.

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Snoop Dogg recently said that the hit single needs more “privacy” and “closeness”.

He said: “Oh my God. Be slow, slow down and imagine something. Let’s keep some secrets, some closeness, where he wants to find out as opposed to telling you … It’s like your arrogance and possession and it You have the blue jewel, that’s what you have to grab. It has to be a possession that no one knows about until they know it. “

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