Olivia Colman and Jesse Buckley to star in comedy “Wicked Little Letters”

Olivia Colman and Jesse Buckley to star in comedy "Wicked Little Letters"

actresses Olivia Colman And Jesse Buckley Will team up again for the comedy “Wicked Little Letters”. Information is from Deadline.

The two worked together in “The Lost Daughter” directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, and released by Netflix. in the cinema, coleman while the older version of the character lived Buckley Latest version explained.

The plot of “Wicked Little Letters” is based on the true story of two completely different neighbors who join forces to solve a mystery.

Buckley Will play Rose Gooding, a ruthless woman who has little in common with her religious neighbor Edith Swan (coleman), except living in the same part of the city.

Based in the seaside town of Littlehampton in the 1920s, Edith receives, among others, a series of obscene and irregular letters written in hate speech – and suspicion soon falls on Rose. After all, who else would feel the need to resort to such drastic and childish measures?

But as the letters continue to wreak havoc in the city and Rose sees her freedom and her daughter’s custody at risk, police officer Gladys Moss suspects something is amiss. Accompanied by a team of resourceful women, Gladys seeks to solve the mystery, clear Rose’s name and find out who is writing the letter.

The film will be directed by thea sharrock (“How I Was Before You”), with a screenplay johnny sweet (“together”).

The shooting of the project should begin in the United Kingdom between September and November this year.

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