On the day of “Gloria”. Within the first Portuguese series on Netflix

On the day of "Gloria".  Within the first Portuguese series on Netflix

It is called “Gloria”, but it is not a woman’s name, it is historical but it presents itself as a true Thriller, Has international quality, but is 100% Portuguese. The first national series for Netflix, filmed in complete secrecy – Expresso is the first means of communication globally to reveal the production backstage – is almost ready and alters the way the world sees the national imagination. Can. Strong bets on the North American streaming service, it is a Portuguese television project like never before. This is a series Character based, Focused on an electrical engineer born into a bourgeois family – Catholic education based on the values ​​of the Salazar regime, completed education, completed military service in Angola – whose life changes to the former Portuguese colony.

It is still in Africa that João Vidal (played by Miguel Nunes) is recruited by the KGB and upon his return to the metropolis he uses his father’s political influence to get a job at RARET, the transmitting center of the radio Europa Livre. The United States-controlled rebatejo present in Gloria. He knows that his ultimate mission is to destroy radio antennas, prevent Americans from advertising them in Eastern Europe, but they have to live in a shed and act according to the rules to achieve their goals in Gloria Ribetzo. Will João Vidal be a double agent by adding a new layer to the character?

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