On the margin of the system (I)

On the margin of the system (I)
Disclosure “Nomadland” addresses the social reality of workers in the United States-plagued recession between 2007 and 2009

Last Monday (15), the academy revealed the card for the final round of awards with the Oscar-2021 statues – the night of April 25, live / hybrid / online ceremonies on stage and at remote points where they would be honored in residences, Hotels and other locations throughout the United States, probably all have already been properly vaccinated because of decent people, who will still maintain distance and other protocol procedures.

Certainly “Nomadland” in films as a target of voting collegiate preference, a work of extraordinary value, is a film that, amidst the universe of its virtues, represents a mirror to society, back to the public on its own Refers to the light of. lives. The problem is only one at the moment for the Brazilian audience, although the solution is not exactly easy: how to use a copy (streaming), since its inception, was previously planned for theaters, also possible for the following weeks. Will not done. So, if your pirate is on lockdown, check the website at the end of the lesson on how to try via laptop or PC. Original version, subtitled and for free.

There is a heart in American culture, and it lies on the road. More than the transit area, more than the line between the two fixed points, is the “road”. The idea of ​​nomadic life is really at the core of the nation, in the journey of pioneers and colonists who traveled through American lands in search of dreams of prosperity. Then the other dreamers, the two Jacks, London and their libertarian ideals, wandered in search of personal freedom: and Keraoke and his beatnik, who found their way artistically in construction and on the road literally and figuratively. And in this century, a form of nomadism that was later less sought after, although not weighted less with political significance.

In the book “Nomadland: Surviving in 21 Century America”, journalist Jessica Bruder analyzes the phenomenon of a new itinerary, composed primarily of older workers who lost their property and their livelihoods in the Great Recession, which The United States suffered from between 2007 and 2009. Therefore, this eccentric “nomad” is the gateway, where Chinese filmmaker Chloe Zhao approaches this new social reality, which merges a very veritable backdrop with a fictional work led by the always brilliant Ferdens McDormand.

This is not the first time that Zhao has proposed a mixed path between documentary and fantasy. Unfortunately two of his previous films, “Songs My Brothers Tees Me” and “The Rider / O Cavallero”, previously unreleased in Brazil, have already proposed the idea of ​​bringing together professional and non-professional actors who would show on screen Are the real way to live.

In this sense, “Nomadland” compiles a wide range of testimonials from those who, after falling marginalized, have a way of avoiding the obstacles imposed by the “tyranny in dollars” found on the street: debt, consumption. Labyrinth, difficulty seeking permanent jobs. Mostly anonymous voices, but the presence of Bob Wells, a nomadic life guru, author of the manual “How to Live in a Raro, Van or Trailer and Get Out of Date – Travel and Find True Freedom”.

The clock Here A “Nomadland”.

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