One of Netflix’s best original series may return soon

One of Netflix's best original series may return soon

Fen-hi en Four years ago Netflix Released the second season of the series ‘Master of Annie’ Aziz Ansari Which solidifies its place as one of the streaming service’s best original series. Now, the website says Grin The third season is already in progress.

The publication states that shooting for the third season began in the spring of 2020, causing production to be suspended Universal epidemic Of Kovid-19 Ansari And co-producer Alan Yang looks like they are now preparing to return to production, which will be in London, UK.

Details on the plot are not yet known until Actress Naomi Aki (‘Star Wars: The Rise of the sky Walker‘) Will be added to the cast, perhaps as a new love interest for the character of Ansari.

Delay in arrival of the third season can be explained by the will Ansari To be more prudent, this has been reported in reports of inappropriate sexual behavior. Nevertheless, the person responsible for the original material at that time Netflix, Cindy Holland, defended Ansari And indicated that the ‘Master of No’ would continue as per the manufacturer’s wish.

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