Opus Kovac highlights the impact of the crisis in India on vaccine distribution – International

Opus Kovac highlights the impact of the crisis in India on vaccine distribution – International

PAHO, the World Health Organization (WHO) office in the US, on Wednesday (28) highlighted the impact of the new wave of Kovid in India ahead of vaccine delivery of the Kovacs system, which provides supplements for Latin America and the Caribbean. .

Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) deputy director, Jarbus Barbosa, said at a news conference, “Bolivia, Haiti and Nicaragua were directly affected.

India, with 1.3 billion people, is currently the main epicenter of the Kovid-19 pandemic, which first reported the virus in China in late 2019.

Given the rapid increase in the number of deaths in India and the world’s largest producer of vaccines, exported via coxax tens of millions of anti-viral doses from AstraZeneca, the country-built Anglo-Swedish laboratory by Serus institutions . .

But with a growing emergency in health, Nova Delhi encouraged vaccine exports, including Coxax, to prioritize domestic supplies.

The WHO and Gavi Vaccine Alliance reported that this Kovacs was destined for 60 low-income countries in March and April, without 90 million doses.

PAHO, which facilitates the purchase of vaccines from Kovacs in the US, expressed its concern about this.

Barbossa said, “We have three countries in the region that receive Astrazeca vaccines from India, which are only Bolivia, Haiti and Nicaragua.”

“However, with the interruption of India, which has not yet decided to resume vaccines, all other countries may also face a significant shortage, as AstraZeneca vaccines from other producers are shared by all. Will be done, ”he explained.

“Therefore, we are all very concerned about this situation and, on behalf of WHO, on behalf of Kovacs, to reach an agreement in permanent negotiations with the Government of India to fulfill the contract agreed to Serum Institute of India The mechanism of Kovacs allows “, he said.

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Kovics, a coalition co-organized by WHO, Gavi, and preparedness to combat the epidemic, was launched in June 2020 for the equal acquisition and distribution of Kovid-19 vaccines, a global coalition of public and private actors.

The goal is to make vaccines available to at least 20% of the population in each participating country.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, 31 countries have already received more than 6.8 million doses through Kovacs. The vast majority of AstraZeneca manufactured by SK Bioscience Laboratory in South Korea.


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