Organization incident, Marie Kondo faces even bigger mess on Netflix TV news

Organization incident, Marie Kondo faces even bigger mess on Netflix TV news

Marie Kondo, the home management guru who has spread her clean-up techniques around the world, debuted her new series, A Magiya Do Diya A Diya, on Netflix this Tuesday (31). Showed you how to organize drawers, wardrobes and pantry. Now, the challenge is greater: She’s in charge of setting up businesses and even people’s family lives.

In the new show, Mary, who is Japanese, returns to Los Angeles, USA, to help the participants who have completely messed up inside and outside their homes.

In the first episode, she visits an organic garden run by a father and son. In place is an abandoned warehouse, where insects live inside boxes of materials that have been forgotten there over the years.

In addition to teaching the two methods of organization, so that equipment, catalogs, and biological material are better preserved, the fascination also strikes at the personal disturbances of the people involved. Testimonials and archive photos highlight the somewhat distant and complicated relationship between father and son, as well as the involvement of the boy’s younger sister in the family dynamics.

In another episode, Mary helps a woman with cancer get rid of several clothes and shoes that remind her of the times she was happy. It also helps her to organize the storeroom in the church she attends.

The hero’s own life becomes more exposed. After the appearance of several Google searches about her life, sparked by the curiosity of the audience, the organization’s mentor appears (with impeccable arrangement) in scenes in his own home, showing that daily with her husband and their two How to Create a More Practical Routine for Life Daughters

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For example, A magia do dia e diya holds well-known methodological tips for dealing with large messes, extra clothes, and boxes of items that have nothing to do with each other.

The difference is that there is now more sentiment to prove that keeping things more organized can make a huge difference in people’s lives. One participant says that her married life also changed after Marie Kondo’s ban. At times, the program resembles Queer Eye, which even sheds a lot of tears when implementing deep changes.

For Mary fans, this is a new opportunity to admire her methods and learn more about the professional. For those who don’t know him yet, this program provides small doses of information in the midst of a great emotional climax. Season of Everyday Magic with Marie Kondo is available in full on Netflix starting this Tuesday.

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