Oscar Isaac Delights Fans When He Was Caught At Bar Watching Drag Race

Oscar Isaac Delights Fans When He Was Caught At Bar Watching Drag Race

sees like RuPaul’s Drag Race Can guarantee another big star among his fans. Oscar Isaacnew series star Moon Knight Of Disney+Was seen at a party showing the Grand Finals of the competition last weekend.

Fans found the actor in the bar by chance Metropolitanin brooklyn, next to his wife maria miranda Last Friday night (22).

The establishment, as well as several LGBTQIA+ bars around the world, were airing episodes in a weekly program for fans of the show.

In a video shared by filmmaker Elvira Lind instagramcan be seen watching the Oscars RuPaul Announce the big winner of the season after the last dub for the crown.

Someone else posted: “Watching the Drag Race finale at a gay bar in Brooklyn, a bearded man walked up to me and took my side, and cheered during the show. It was Oscar Isaac.”,

Many fans who shared love for the show and the actor celebrated the news. One of them tweeted: “Oscar Isaac is watching Drag Race, I didn’t expect anything less from my man”, Another said: “What a great day to be an Oscar Isaac and a Drag Race fan.”

“Oh, watching the finale of Drag Race with Oscar Isaac at a gay bar in New York,” bragged another fan.

Oscar Isaac is witnessing the end of Drag Race in one go (Reproduction)

Actor does not hide love for charm

This isn’t the first time the Oscars have talked about reality. In a 2019 interview promoting the film border operations To IGNHe said that he was marathoning the event and unfortunately had to stop because the program was not available Netflix American:

“When I was in the UK I was doing a drag race marathon, but it’s not on the platform in the US.”

He also shows great enthusiasm during the chat when his colleague Pedro Pascal Turns out he found himself in a bodega by chance monet x changeA contestant on the tenth season of the show and the winner of the fourth season of Drag Race All Stars. “Wow, I just saw his season!”They said.

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14th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is available in full wow presents plus, Moon Knight available on Disney+With new episodes available weekly every Wednesday.

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