Outer Banks: Does the new series from the same creators have any connection to the second season? – Series News

Outer Banks: Does the new series from the same creators have any connection to the second season?  - Series News

While Netflix doesn’t confirm a third season for Outer Banks, the series’ creators do reveal a new project in development for streaming.

Season two of Outer Banks was one of the big recent premieres in the Netflix catalog and the story ended with such a shocking twist that it was hard for fans to contain their anxiety over the confirmation of a third season. Although Streaming hasn’t officially commented on the topic yet, there’s no shortage of reasons to be excited: the producers of the production are still working with the platform and there’s a new project already in development. , which is also related outer Banks.

Jonas Pate, who signed the series with Josh Pate and Shannon Burke, said in an interview that the trio’s next project is also a teen series. “We’re working on another series that’s in development for Netflix, we’re very excited. It’s also a series for young adults and will be set in the Blue Ridge,” he said. wet news. Although he was not directly related to outer Banks, fans of the series certainly recognize the name of the place they mentioned.

Outer Banks spin-off?


blue Ridge The name of a mountainous region that runs through the state of North Carolina in the United States, the same location as the Outer Banks story. But even more so in the second season of Naam Kiara’s (Madison Bailey) family drama. In the series, his parents threaten to send him to a boarding school and rehabilitation program in Blue Ridge.

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We still don’t know if it’s possible to start thinking about a Outer Banks spin-off, but the track record among teen series that have become beloved by the public: Pretty Little Liars, for example, won a spin-off, as did Riverdale renditions derivative series The Dark World of Sabrina and Katy Keene.

Outer Banks pays tribute to actress in Season 2 episode: Who is Carol Sutton?

Outer Banks next season


Kiara’s plot isn’t the only one left for a potential new season of Outer Banks, which will also need to explain how the relationship between John B (Chase Stokes) and his father, who we learn is alive, Will change At the end of the season, we see a meeting in Barbados between Big John (Charles Halford) and the series’ new villain, Carla Limbre (Elizabeth Mitchell). Now the hope is to know how the union of father and son will be.

“John B.’s relationship with his father is a big theme in our story. So bringing him back and ensuring that at some point they’ll be reunited. John B. reconciles his idealized vision of the dead father with his own reality. There will be a living father. It gives us a lot to work with that kind of conversation between father and son,” Josh Pate tells Entertainment Weekly.

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