Outlander’s sixth season premiere announced

Outlander's sixth season premiere announced

More than a year after the season finale of the fifth season of outlander, the wait is finally over, says comic book,

Last Monday, 22, the premiere of the new season of the show was announced. The sixth season of Outlander will return to the small screen in March next year.

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) in Outlander: (Reproduction)

The announcement was made by the author of the books of the same name on which the series is based, Diana Gabaldon,

He shared the news at an event celebrating the release of the ninth book in the series, titled go tell the bees that i’m gone,

The official account of the show also announced this on its social network. “It’s official”, the publication says. “Your favorites return March 6. #Outlander”

The new season will be based on the sixth book in the series, called breath of ice and ashes,

World pandemic delayed production of new season

Outlander Was Already Renewed For This Season From 2018, But Everything Had To Be Production delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic, Recording managed to start in February this year in Scotland after a long wait. The return had to make some changes as a safety measure.

series producer, Matthew B. Roberts, talked to He Regarding production shutdown a few months ago:

“The cast and production team, and I think the fans too, were really excited as soon as season six started. And then we decided to take a break.”

Matthew said that Felt great difficulty writing and directing scenes in this new world scenario, For him, he admitted, it was too difficult to adapt the scenes to maintain the identity of the show:

,I don’t know how to write these ‘COVID-friendly scenes’Definitely not an Outlander scene, because we have to keep people close to each other, being emotional – you talk close to people, and that’s how COVID is transmitted. We needed to figure out a way, how about we keep everything in the Outlander, Outlander way? So we wrote the script (as we originally wanted) and went into production: our producer in the UK, Guy Tanhill, and our new production designer, Mike Gunn, and our team that has been working on Outlander for a long time . , We said, ‘Okay, this scene can’t be like this. If we do this, this and this, we can do this.”

the sixth season of outlander starts at March 6 In the United States, still without forecast in Brazil. The first five seasons can be seen Netflix or in fox play,

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