Outside Record, Tiago Santiago and Vivian de Oliveira write project for Netflix

Vivian de Oliveira e Tiago

tiago santiago I Vivian de Oliveira working on new projects for Netflix. So far they are in the stage of meetings and summary changes, according to columnist Patricia Kogut. Both will be directed by Alexandre Avansini and produced by Guto Colunga.

For those who don’t know, Tiago Santiago made his debut as an actor in 1977 in the play Sis Personagens Procura d’Autore alongside Dinah Sfat. In his teens, he went to study in the UK.

Still as an actor, from 1982 to 1984, he took part in Globo shows: Caso Verde, Quarta Nobre and in the soap opera Livre Para Vor. He made his debut as a playwright in 1985 with the play A Fonte da Eterna Juventude. In 1988, he directed Deborah Duarte and Stephan Nersian in Paulo Cesar Coutinho’s show Vida de Artista.

In 1990, he wrote his first work as a TV screenwriter, Hey Guru, featured in five chapters on the afternoon track Teletema on Globo. That same year, he attended the station’s Screenwriters Workshop.

Since then, he has collaborated and co-written a few novels. In 2004, he was hired by Records, where he signed a few serials, such as the new version of A Escrava Isaura, Prova d’Amor and the trilogy Os Mutantes. In 2010, he moved to SBT, where he wrote two novels: a remake of Uma Rosa Com Amor a Amor e Revolution.

Vivian de Oliveira debuted as a television screenwriter in 1997, when she wrote the miniseries Por amor e edio for the record. In later years, he worked as a collaborator in the soap operas Estrella di Fogo, Tiro e Queda and Metamorphoses. Between 2005 and 2007, he was part of the writing team of the comedy show Do Tom.

After collaborating on the texts of Os Mutantes, Vivian began to devote herself to the network’s biblical plots. Between 2010 and 2013, he signed on to the miniseries The Story of Esther, King David, Joseph of Egypt and Miracle of Jesus.

The success of his work prompted the selection of Record as the lead author of his first biblical novel: The Ten Commandments. In 2018, he resigned from Edir Macedo’s station in the final stages of production of Apocalypse.

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