Outwardly expanding organized networks provoke national security

رصيف الصحافة: شبكات منظمة بامتداد خارجي تستنفر الأمن الوطني

Reading some Friday newspapers we start with “El Massa” and talk about mobilizing organized criminal networks with an outward extension, elements of special forces in Morocco’s national security.

Al-Massa highlighted that the director general of national security, Abdeltif Hammouchi, moved to Tangiers to directly find out about the files affecting public security.

According to newspaper sources, it was learned that people sought by the Interpol office in Rabat live in Tangiers after secretly entering Spain.

In another news, the same daily wrote that, over the next few days, four gendarmerie officers detained in Marrakesh prison on suspicion of bribery, extortion, from an elaborate interrogation session with the investigating judge of the Marrakesh Court of Appeals expected to pass. , and the disclosure of professional secrets.

Al-Massa said that in the case of arrest, the investigating judge of money crimes at the Marrakesh Appeals Court was referred to the gendarmes, who, after interrogating them, decided to keep them in the civil prison in Marrakesh.

“Al-Masa” also published that the Administrative Court of Appeals in Marrakech had set aside a preliminary decision and did not accept the suit filed by the Regional Secretariat of the Party of Authenticity and Modernism in Marrakech against the winner of membership, Kamal Heida. Decision issued. The council of the Sidi Ali Labrahla group in Rahmana province in the name of the party, in which it demanded the cancellation of its membership because of its vote. For the Istiklal Party candidate, who was elected president by receiving 11 votes, against the candidate of the “Jarrar” party, which barely got one vote, while the candidate of the Constitutional Union Party came second with four votes.

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The same media platform wrote that the National Agency for Promotion of Employment and Skills had signed 8 agreements with private sector actors for immediate creation of 6000 direct job opportunities and with 1200 self-entrepreneurs.

The daily “Al-Ahdath al-Moroccan” reported that the House of Representatives acknowledged the difficulty of translating Tamazite, as many MPs sought interpretation from the Tamazite language during plenary sessions and parliamentary committee meetings, as well as to provide translations. provision was sought. In reports and correspondence.

According to a source from within the Parliament Office, the matter is not easy, given that the demand of MPs to provide this possibility is fraught with great difficulties, especially at the technical level and that all rooms of Parliament should be equipped with necessary facilities. need to. mechanism for this.

The source said that the Office of the House of Representatives should not be blamed for exceeding its capacity, especially since the law governing the activation of the official character of Tamazite provided an exemption from 5 to 15 years for activating the officiality of the Tamazite language. period is provided. Institutions and Public Administration.

The newspaper “Socialist Union” cited a statement by Professor Ezzedine Brahimi, director of the Biotechnology Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Rabat, in which he said that the registration of cases of the “Omicron” strain in Morocco was expected. That the country could no longer be isolated from exposure to this mutant compared to other countries, and that the approaches adopted were intended to delay it.

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The health expert himself emphasized that necessary measures should be taken to prevent the rapid spread of this mutant, which can particularly affect unrelated groups, and that it can also affect those who have passed two Received a dose and did not receive a third booster dose, which inevitably led to the emergence of significant cases.

Professor Al-Ibrahimi highlighted that the difficulty of dealing with the mutated “Omicron” lies in its ability to record hundreds of thousands of infections per day, which would inevitably put pressure on health interests.

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