Oven Restaurant is an authentic journey through the flavors of India and Nepal

Oven Restaurant is an authentic journey through the flavors of India and Nepal

a The opening of the new Oven restaurant in the city of Lisbon is the best news for Indian and Nepalese food lovers. As the name indicates, the ‘Tara’ of this new gastronomic proposition is the special traditional oven, known in India as ‘Tandoor’ and specially made for this restaurant in copper and clay, as that was designed by its founder. Every detail was thought of to provide the experience of being in India even without the travel, be it through the food, drink, decor, music, the atmosphere throughout.

And here we come to the master who gives life to this new oven: Hari Chapgain! Born in Nepal, chef by profession, creative and entrepreneur by choice, Hari has a passion for gastronomy, to which he devotes all the art he has acquired about world cuisine (in Nepal, India, Spain and Lisbon) to a restaurant. Diya, which translates your vision. Best Indian and Nepali cuisine.

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Achieving Nirvana Through Flavors

So let’s talk a little bit about this art… because that’s what will lead us to discover (and return) OVEN. Traditional cuisine, flavors and careful presentation with a touch of modernity, the chef describes the oven concept. To unite beauty and taste through harmony of aroma, color and texture, and strive to achieve perfection with all of this. Every day. The goal couldn’t be more ambitious.

The menu proposals are based on traditional Indian food, or if it was not an essential element to the ‘tandoor’ since the Indian cuisine of the ancients more than 5 thousand years ago. The oven is built in clay inside, and there is only one in Lisbon, and its use in restaurants can be appreciated. It is from its cooking process, whose temperature is between 300 and 400 degrees, that results in fresh and healthy food at the same time with a distinct texture and taste. The unique blend of spices that come straight from both the countries is the final touch that makes the dishes so delicious.

In the dessert menu, gulab jamun and kulfi are among the 100% traditional on offer, and you can surprise yourself with fusion options like samosa with chocolate or hot brownie sizzler.

To accompany the meal, drinks such as lassi (based on yogurt), nimbu pani (Indian lemonade) and Indian beer are paired with carefully selected Portuguese wines to perfectly match the menu.

the household:

Rua dos Fanqueros, 232,

1100-232 Lisboa


926 023 243

[email protected],

the schedule:

12h – 15h30 / 18h – 23h30

Closed: Monday

(It is closed during weekends during the restrictions of Kovid-19)

Seating area: 30

roofing service

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