Owner finds cat lost for 10 years in UK – News

Owner finds cat lost for 10 years in UK - News

British Donna Gallacher, 40, has been living without her pet cat since 2012, when the animal disappeared from her home in Weymouth, Dorset, UK. He did not expect that after 10 years Chubby would be found 400 km away.

The owner had raised Chubby since he was a puppy and worked tirelessly to find the pet. Over the years, she has advertised in local newspapers, distributed flyers and regularly updated social media posts.

“I kept updating and sharing, and I’ve been doing it for years,” Donna told British tabloid Mirror.

Donna was about to stop looking for the cat when she was surprised by a call. A Manchester veterinarian called to report that Chubby was found last month in Wigan, northern England.

The British say that the cat was found in a school by a woman who realized that the animal was not well. “He was very, very neglected. He was full of fleas, skin, and bones. So he couldn’t fend for himself,” says the owner.

Donna says it was a “surreal” moment when she found out that the chubby was coming back for her, adding that the cat is happy. “Ever since he felt safe, he’s spread out and feels like home. He’s loving life.”

Britt still says that she will make up for the years she lost with the animals when she was away. “He will be pampered and live out his years in peace and comfort.”

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