Packer vs. Eagles score: Green Bay wins as Philadelphia’s Jalen Hurtz sees first big action

Packer vs. Eagles score: Green Bay wins as Philadelphia's Jalen Hurtz sees first big action

Jalen Hurtz gave some life to the Philadelphia Eagles as head coach Doug Pederson made the long-awaited quarterback change and turned Carson Wentz into a bully. Hurtz had a chance to win the game for the Eagles, who came off a 20-point fourth-quarter loss but could not make up for the loss to the Green Bay Packers in a 30-16 loss.

Aaron Jones thwarted the Eagles’ return attempt to seal a career-best 77-yard touchdown run with a 2:36 left win. Jones carried 15 for 130 yards and a hard-fought win, his second 100-yard run of the season.

Hurran gave relief to Wentz – who scored 6 for 15 for 79 yards in the third quarter and led the Eagles on a nine-play, 73-yard scoring drive, giving the Packers a 23-10 lead. Left with 7-102. The game. On the fourth and 18th, Hurtz found Greg Ward for a 32-yard touchdown pass – the first of his NFL career. The Eagles stopped Green Bay three and out, and Jalen Rigger returned the punt in the incoming zone to reduce the deficit to 23-16 (Jake Elliott missed an extra point). Hart finished 5th out of 12 for 109 yards with a touchdown and 67 for a passer-by ranking.

The Eagles stopped the Packers with another three and three runs, giving Hurtz a 4:49 lead. The Eagles played five plays of seven yards on a potential game-bound drive, before Jones sealed the victory with his touchdown run to the upcoming possession of Green Bay.

Aaron Rogers was brilliant once again, tossing three touchdowns and passing four touchdowns, becoming the fastest quarterback in league history. Devente Adams caught two touchdowns, tying Don Hutson’s franchise record for the seventh consecutive game with a touchdown reception. He finished with 121 yards and 10 catches for 10 scores. Rogers went 25 for 34 with a score of 295 yards and 34.

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Takeaways are coming soon from this game, but here’s a quick return to our live blog below.

Why the Packers won

Green Bay was incredible on crime, starting with Arun Rodgers ‘brilliance and Dwight Adams’ expertise. Rogers and Adams have been a great combination of quarterback-wide receivers in this football, and Adams made 10 catches (12 goals) for 121 yards and a pair of touchdowns from Rogers in this game. When Green Bay’s offense found it difficult to move the ball, Rogers went to Adams to bail him out and keep the league’s highest scoring unit running. Adams has been practicing in 10 games he has played, with just over a thousand receiving yards and 13 games with 10 appearances, including Jerry Rice (1989) and Randy Moss (2007). Has become the third player since. With Rogers and Adams playing at this level, it will be difficult for the Packers to stop the offense.

Why did the Eagles get lost?

The Eagles got nothing from Carson Wentz and offense, another pathetic Wentz performance resulted in a replacement for Jalen Hartz in the third quarter. Of course, Ventz was fired three times, but he finished just 6 of 15 for 79 yards in deficit, missed an easy throw and only saw a lost pre-snap. The Eagles have only once scored on four Hortus properties, but when they were in the game the play breast was 6.29 yards per game. In contrast, Philadelphia has 3.5 breasts per game in the five assets played by Wentz. Ged breasts of the yard scored only one field goal. Enough for the Eagles and Wentz’s poor play. It was a time of change.

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The Eagles bench made Wentz the first of their careers and gave the game an exciting ending at Hearts. Philadelphia didn’t win the game, but the Eagles were definitely more competitive after a lifeless effort to that point, earning Green Bay an easy victory. The Hurricanes gave the whole team a spark, albeit a slight one at the end of Philadelphia.

Game of Thrones

Archon Jones sealed the Packers’ victory despite the difficulties of running 77 yards, showing how dangerous his offense could be with his short running back. Jones was kept under scrutiny from that point in the game, but with 2:36 remaining on the second and 7th, Jones finally broke through the Eagles’ full defense for the score.

Jones went through three Eagles defenders and made some more jokes when he went on the run. He finished with a touchdown in 130 yards and a win.


“You guys let me go through this game. We needed a spark in this game to try to run some things. I had to go through the tape. I have to think about a lot of things. I have to evaluate first. Anything is decided. An opportunity arose and we just needed an opportunity to return to the game of football today. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson on the benching of Carson Wentz for Jalen Hurtz in the third quarter.

Pederson will not name the starting quarterback for Week 14 against the Orleans Saints, but the words indicate he is considering the Hurricanes.


The Packers (9-3) will take to the streets and face the Detroit Lions in Week 14, while the Eagles (3-8-1) will host the New Orleans Saints. Both games are on Sunday afternoon.

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