After Franco and Nathan, Atletico’s reserve midfield may have new ‘dispatch’

After Franco and Nathan, Atletico's reserve midfield may have new 'dispatch'

Atletico’s board told Massa to “remain calm”, promising to present “good news” next week. The club is still looking for a coach and hopes to introduce new reinforcements. Even so, it would be necessary to change the departure of defender Alonso and striker Diego Costa, who were traded to Krasnodar from Russia. But there is another area that will be worthy of the club’s attention.

Although they have not lost any holders in their midfield – Jair, Allan, Xaracho and Nacho are still in the Alvinegra team’s plan (the latter lost one of the starting 11 places in the final leg of last season, but he was one of them). is the squad’s main athlete) – the Reserve Bank is facing a write-off. After Alan Franco and Nathan, the other players must leave Gallo.

Following Coritiba’s refusal, Huorán forwarded his transfer to Red Bull Bragantino on loan. If the transaction is completed, the team of Bragança Paulista will have to pay the full salary of the midfielder. The same happens with Nathan from USA in relation to Alan Franco and Fluminance in relation to Charlotte FC.

Pedro Souza / Atletico

Other athletes can go too. Dylan Borrero has been targeted by a few clubs, but only the polls have come to the fore. Athletico-PR was one of the teams that showed interest in Colombia.

Tchê Tchê, on loan from So Paulo, has a contract until May 31 this year. So far, Atlético has not expressed a desire to sign the athlete permanently.

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What is certain is that the Board is aware of these situations and hopes to fill some gaps at the earliest. However, judiciously. At least that’s the promise.

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