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The new Netflix series is behind serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who committed several crimes in Southeast Asia.

Paradise and the Snake is one of several Netflix releases in April and fans have loved it since its debut. Starring Tahir Rahim and Jenna Coleman, the fact-based Meining follows the life of Charles Sobhraj, a murderer who committed many crimes in the hippie region of Southeast Asia and, surprisingly, always managed to escape justice.

To understand the psychological profile of the complex character, the AlloCiné website interviewed the book’s co-author Emma Olivera “Crime psychologist”. Examine the conclusions that have been drawn professionally on the role played by Taher Rahim.

Master in manufacturing defects

In her analysis at first glance, Emma Olivera looked at the entire series and reported that Charles Sobhraj is the classic master who initiates the services and is prone to guarantee many followers.

“The character is typically the type of profile we would find in cult gurus, for example. He has a type of oratory gift that facilitates contact with people. They are often vulnerable people. As in cults Because they are people of encounters, in search of identity… It is between the followers of the creed of us, irrespective of their age or social level. It is at a certain time, life needs to be understood, Why, who we are… and I think this type of character manages to manipulate them in this quest. “

Nobody enjoys killing

Unlike many serial killers depicted in films and series based on real events, Charles Sobhraj enjoyed no killing. According to the psychiatrist, he uses murder to benefit from other crimes.

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“In fact, it doesn’t kill you that pleases you. It’s what we call ‘utilitarian murder’ in business. It will allow you to cover up another crime, in this case theft. For example, Michelle Fournart. Finished doing so. At first he was a rapist and committed utilitarian murders: he raped and did not kill what he wanted; but we do not want to complain and risk.

What motivates him and his victims to steal. Then the question arises whether it was really useful or not. And the question of numbers. The more crimes you commit, the more likely someone will file a complaint against you and be identified. “

Charles Sobhraj is auto-hate

In Heaven and snake, Charles Sobhraj has committed many crimes against young Westerners. According to the professional, Vietnamese murderers hate themselves for rejecting and in general terms not being part of the population considered normative.

“All that stands in the series is that there is a real hatred to represent these young people. These youth, in short, that he would like to be. He was born into a good family, but he was born as a Westerner, which he must look like a Westerner to see. This argument is for you to take action, steal and kill them. Anyway, there is a very psychotic side to him, in the sense that the life of another person has no value in his eyes. So, why not eliminate them? You risk leaving them alive. “

Requires control

Upon release from prison, Charles Sobhraj exposed himself by interviewing and provoked the Nepali National Police. For Emma Olivera, this trait of living in evidence is a common feature among psychiatrists.

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“This is what we find in psychiatrists who are serial killers. It is a feeling of omnipresence. In the United States, more often than in our country, many people enjoy playing with the police. Fournier still does what he does to Estelle Mouzin today, the need to control the other. This is what they like. “

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