Parasite: Bong Joon Ho says HBO series will be genius

Imagem de: Parasita: Bong Joon Ho diz que série da HBO será genial
Image from: Parasite: Bong Joon Ho says the HBO series will be genius

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Recently, according to the findings of IndieWire, Bong Joon Ho will join the HBO series based on the film parasitesThe big winner of the Oscar for Best Picture in 2020. According to the website, the filmmaker may have also called the production a genius, written by Adam McKay.

Bong Joon Ho will serve on the executive production team, working directly with McKay throughout the process. As mentioned earlier, the series parasites It will not be a remake of the original feature film, but will follow some general concepts from the film as its starting premise.

“I wait [que a série da HBO] Be something really great. I worked with Adam McKay and he is learning more about the story. And we’re going to do it in the United States,” Jun Ho said with some optimism. This week, the director also spoke during the Cannes Film Festival about his animated project, which is under development.

According to him, the production was independently inspired by photographs of sea monsters present in a French scientific book presented to him by his wife. “The underwater colors are absolutely extraordinary,” he explained, citing the work of Claire Novian. The expected release is for 2026.

(CJ Entertainment / Reproduction)(CJ Entertainment / Reproduction)Source: CJ Entertainment

parasitesLearn more about the new HBO series:

Bong Joon Ho’s film made film history precisely because it was the first non-English language spoken feature film to win an Oscar for Best Picture. In addition to this award, the production also won other Oscars including Best Direction.

So, when the first news came out that HBO would be making a series based on what? parasitesOf course, many fans of the Korean work were concerned about the possibility that the episode would simply reproduce scenes from the film in an American manner, as has happened at other times in Hollywood.

Luckily, this won’t be what we’ll see on screen, as all the filmmakers behind the original feature have already given their blessings to the new project. In addition, rumors concerning the early cast have suggested that Mark Ruffalo is being considered to star in the show.

Come and wait for the news!

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