Paul Carol Wardenman’s stupidity of wheels in Hollywood

Paul Carol Wardenman's stupidity of wheels in Hollywood

Carol Wardenman made a splash in Hollywood during tonight’s episode of Wheels.

Carol, 59, appeared on the popular BBC 1 show tonight and slammed the great British backbone of the judge.

Glasgow contestant Sean was asked the question, “Is blind cooking a technique that can be used to make this finished product?”

Wheels landed on Jemma Collins who tried her best and told her the answer was a bakewell tart.

Sean agreed and said that when he looked back, he noticed that competitors were using the method.

But Gemma confessed: “I’m glad you see, I can’t take my eyes off Paul from Hollywood.”

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Gemma then turned to Carol and said: “Carol, she’s the one for you. I think you’ll be a good couple.”

However, Carol hurried in and said: “No, he’s too old for me.” Viral Baker is actually 54 years younger than he is.

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Paul Hollywood on the Great British Back Off

And viewers were quick to comment on the dig.

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Tim Gelsforble said: “Carol Wardenman just said that Paul Hollywood is too old for her. She’s five years older than him …”

Sue said: “Carol Wardenman says Paul Hollywood is too old for her .. she’s 3 years younger !!!”

And @pjkeay said: “Anyone want to say that Wardenman Hollywood is about 6 years younger than that?”

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