Paulo Guedes compares Caco Antibes after talking about more expensive energy

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After Brazil’s looming water crisis and rising electricity bills, netizens compared the economy minister to the character in TV Globo’s comedy program, Sai de Baixo, played by Miguel Falabella.

“What’s the problem with energy being a little more expensive?”, asked Paulo Guedes during the launch of the Mixed Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front in the Chamber of Deputies this Wednesday (25).

The minister also said that Brazil’s economy is showing signs of response after the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and classified the water crisis as a ‘cloud on the horizon’. “We have a strong water crisis ahead of us, but the Brazilian economy is breaking the waves,” Guedes said.

In the history of the Brazilian series, Caco Antibes belonged to the upper class of So Paulo. However, he loses all his money after the IRS discovers irregularities in his assets. Even with the loss of status and fortune, Kermit did not like to work and made derogatory remarks against the poor, such as “I have a fear of the poor”, one of his most famous phrases.

Users on the social network ridicule the statements made by Paulo Guedes. Last year, he even said that, with the dollar at a lower rate, even “a housewife was visiting Disney” in the United States.

The minister’s comparison with Kako Antibes reached the most talked-about issues on Twitter this Thursday morning (26). In one publication, an Internet user comments that Paulo Guedes is “the real-life Kako Antibes and makes it clear every day that he hates the poor.”

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