Pay appears at the Grammys after Kanye West tweeted about the music battle

Pay appears at the Grammys after Kanye West tweeted about the music battle

In addition, he alleged that the Universal Music Group would not disclose the value of his masters.

“Everyone please cover me in prayer …” he added. “I’m one of the most famous people on earth who tells me that because of my masters who can believe them, I can know … Black Masters Matter.”

Mentioning the four children he shares Kim Kardashian, West then tweeted, “My kids will occupy my masters ਨਹੀਂ not your kids… my kids… my kids… my kids… my kids.”

The “mighty” star vowed to do “everything” and use her voice in her “legal power” to “change all the cast until my child starts getting my master.” At one point, he even addressed his deal.

“Okay, check it out … I don’t have an agreement with Universal … I have ten years,” he wrote. “They try to save [sic] US forever. ”

He then tweeted what he claimed These contract pages And wrote that he should “Every lawyer in the world to see themHe wrote that this is what “Kanye West Deal looks like today” and that “I pray in Jesus’ name that he does not like this view.” “

“This moment is going to change the music industry for the better … I am very humble and feel that God has put me in a strong position to do so …” He also tweeted. “Everyone is praying … it’s working … I’m on my knees this morning.”

In addition, she invited other artists – including Pull And Taylor Swift, With which he a A long-running feudTo demonstrate their support. West also wrote in a deleted tweet on Monday that he was “not leaving any more music until the end of his contract with Sony and Universal.” Email! News reached Universal and Sony for comment but did not return.

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