Peaky Blinders | Cillian Murphy: “It’s the End of 10 Years of My Life”

Peaky Blinders |  Cillian Murphy: "It's the End of 10 Years of My Life"

actor Cillian Murphy opened the game for the newspaper Guardian About your feelings towards the last season peaky blinders, Which opens in the UK this month. While he’s happy to say goodbye to the “gruesome” job of becoming Tommy Shelby, in his own words, it hasn’t completely sunk that it’s over.

“It’s weird to talk about. I don’t have much yet. Maybe I’ll have some perspective when it’s over. It’s the end of 10 years of my life; with many colleagues and people.” A great adventure that I have become very close”.

report of Guardian Tells that a movie is planned peaky blindersBut the sixth season is a farewell to TV’s Shelby family.

Set in the rough streets of Birmingham in the 1920s, peaky blinders Shows the brutal development of the Shelby crime family and its leader Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), from gangster to lawful businessman and member of parliament, always on his brother Arthur’s side (Paul Anderson,

created by steven knightthe series is still Sophie Rundle, Tom Hardy And Anya Taylor-Joy in the cast. The last five seasons are available on Netflix.

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