Pedagogy defends open schools in UK even after rise in Covid-19 cases – Revista Cresser | Education

Pedagogy defends open schools in UK even after rise in Covid-19 cases - Revista Cresser |  Education

Rachel De Souza, a teacher and founder of the Children’s Commissioner for England (the British Commission for the Promotion of Children’s Rights), told the local press that schools should not be closed again – even if cases of Covid-19 infections rise again.

Pedagogue highlights the negative effects of closing schools amid the pandemic (Photo: Pexels)

according to the sun, Rachel agrees that it was right to close schools when the pandemic hit the UK early last year, but believes children can no longer continue to study from home. “I never want to see schools closed again. This is very important. The damage done by the loss of education is enormous,” she argued.

Also according to the news website, earlier this year the teacher surveyed more than five lakh children to know their opinion about the closure of schools. The survey was titled “The Big Ask” (or “Big Question”, in free translation).

Rachel said the study found that “kids love school” and that they “realize that sitting in front of a computer is not the same as being with a teacher.”

“A young man told me that he was not hanging out with friends or going to school and he was feeling very bad. He was confused, he did not know what to do,” she said. I also remember a girl who was very upset and said to me, ‘I’m scared, I don’t know how to make friends. I’m not sure how to do it now”, he said.

Pedagogy suggests the government create a “comprehensive update package for schools”, in addition to creating and improving programs that help children cope with the consequences of the pandemic. “Everyone can see how important schools are to children’s lives,” he concluded.

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