Pedro Sosa and Frederick Silva held in a hotel in Australia

Pedro Sosa and Frederick Silva held in a hotel in Australia

The Portuguese is at a different position than the number two and 107th ranked Frederick Silva (182nd ATP) in the ATP rankings, who will remain in isolation until the end of the month, traveling in an airplane with a passenger who has a new K Tested positive for. Coronavirus, but still could not get permission to leave the hotel room.

It is not easy. If everything had gone smoothly, I left to take training on Sunday, but there were some problems with the testing system and postponing training today. Today, there were problems with transportation and all the players, who trained before 3pm, which was my case, their training was canceled. So, I have not left the hotel since I arrived on Saturday, but I hope I can train tomorrow (Tuesday).“, Said Lisbon, talking to Lusa.

Pending authorization for court training with South Korean Tsunwoo Kwon (96th ATP), which replaced Canada’s Vasek Pospisil (61st) as its training partner, who is in quarantine after the trip. “On one of the affected flights”, Pedro Susa says he is “doing some physical exercise in the room, although you can’t do much.”

Quite different is the situation of 25-year-old young Frederick Silva, who will remain in captivity for the next 12 days, as he traveled from Doha, where he ensured unprecedented qualifications for the main staff of the Australian “chief”, on a flight where he was in Kovid. A positive case was detected for -19.

There was a meeting yesterday (Sunday) via Zoom, which talked about the possibility of creating a ‘bubble’ within the general ‘bubble’, only for players in imprisonment. So far they have not told us anything yet, but it is very difficult that it can happen”, Frederick Silva admitted to Lusa.

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Despite traveling in the company of his coach Pedro Felner, Caldas da Raina’s tennis player is placed on a different floor and as he cannot live with the coach, “doing some work with the fitness coach in the online session . “

I can do some physical training, but it is never like this. We have now agreed to start doing two daily sessions to try to avoid losing as much physical condition as possible.“, She elaborated.

In addition to the “three hours of daily exercise in the room” and still being in the “time zone adaptation” phase, Frederick Silva guarantees that he is “physically well”, although “on an emotional level this is a bit More complicated. “

Obviously, we did not want to be in this situation, but we have to accept the best possible and try to manage it in the best wayTrying to have as many days as possible to watch the series, “admitted the leftie, who occupies the remaining isolated time” series, playing Playstation and talking with family, girlfriend and friends. “

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