Pets: Back to normalcy, UK offices now allow dogs to go to work

Pets: Back to normalcy, UK offices now allow dogs to go to work

Because of the pandemic, dogs happily got used to keeping their human friends at home longer. As vaccination progresses and safety protocols are respected, some countries are beginning the process of loosening quarantines and measures needed to contain the pandemic – and if the world there seems to be returning to normal, some The news has already come to change some scenarios: this is the case with some offices and work environments in the United Kingdom, which have begun to accept the presence of dogs.

The new trend is heavily influenced by the changes imposed by the pandemic

9 out of 10 people favor dogs in a corporate environment

This change was in particular due to the many people who adopted animals during periods of working from home and when they returned to offices, they had no one to leave their pets with – some offices had vacant spaces. A collective decision has been taken to make Allow for dogs or simply to be more nice to their owners. The novelty also aimed to solve the case of animals that showed rapid reactions when left at home, as revealed Article in the English newspaper The Guardian.

dog in office environment

The solution to this dilemma is to allow the presence of animals in offices.

– The ‘dogs are working from home’ page depicts furry companions in the home office

The acceptance of animals, of course, did not occur without adaptation and hygienic and medical requirements – cases, for example, of people who present an eventual allergy to animals. However, reports confirm that in addition to the benefits to the emotional health of animals, office environments that now allow employees to take their pets to work have significantly improved, making spaces less stressful and friendlier. Huh.

dog in office environment

Novelty requires occasional hygiene and environmental adaptation

Dogs and the Coronavirus: Cute People Are Great Allies in Times of Isolation

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According to recent surveys, around 3.2 million families have adopted an animal in the UK in the past 16 months, the period of the pandemic, and many animal rights organizations are now concerned about a possible return or abandonment due to the early return in life. It has been reported that around 42% of British workers who have pets expect to be able to take the animal to work as a way of not being left alone for so long and, at the same time, contributing to the welfare of the cat. To maintain, those who have become accustomed to the constant presence of their best friends during the quarantine.

dog in office environment

Research shows the presence of animals improves professional environments

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