PF arrests health unit staff for raping 14-year-old Indian woman and getting pregnant

PF arrests health unit staff for raping 14-year-old Indian woman and getting pregnant

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The Federal Police issued two temporary arrest warrants against two employees of the Indigenous Aid Home (CASAI) accused of raping a 14-year-old teenager on the premises of the Federal Health Unit (CASAI) this Saturday (04) in Barra do Garcas. ,

The investigation was triggered by the publication of a journalistic report widely publicized by the media.
Mario Sergio Ribeiro de Oliveira, the federal police chief responsible for investigating the case, said that knowing the facts, he opened an investigation, collected all the necessary evidence and represented the temporary arrest of those investigated, who are still in Barra prison. are locked in.

Further details could not be provided by the police authority, in order not to impede the progress of the investigation.

The investigation remains confidential and must be completed within 30 days. If convicted, investigators could face up to 15 years in prison.

understand the matter

The matter came to light when the teenager’s mother called the civil police station on the 30th and reported that her daughter had been sexually abused by four indigenous people when she was at the Casa de Sade Indigena (Casa de Sade Indigena) in Barra do Garcas (509 km). Kaisai). from Cuiba). The baby girl is 4 months pregnant.

According to information from local websites, the teenager began visiting the site in 2020, after she began psychological treatment for abuse from her grandfather in 2017 in Sao Paulo.

However, since September mom must have noticed that the girl was behaving strangely, always tired. When the girl had stopped menstruating, the mother would have taken a pregnancy test, which came back positive.

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