Phere Festival closes 12 million revise agreement with its audience

Fyre Festival
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You may not remember, but four years ago, between April to May 2017, funky parties were held Fair festival, In the Bahamas, concerts on the island of Exma, with programming for two weekends, luxurious accommodation and gourmet food for the public.

It is learned that the organizers, who charged a ticket of up to R $ 38 thousand, did not carry out the actions to complete the event as usual and whoever went there could return home without any Was in a precarious state of condition.

Earlier, most of the main attractions performed on the festival on a non-payment basis. Some groups that performed concerts were 182 nap, major Lazer I Migos.

Compensation to the public

Of course, the case has gone to court and now a bankruptcy court in the United States has ruled that the organizers of the Fair Festival sued in a class action lawsuit, giving it $ 27 million (which would have represented about $ 11 million Is) should injure 277 people.

According to new York Times, Each event payer should receive US $ 7,220 (approximately R $ 40,300) and these amounts can still be reduced based on the outcome of the Fyre bankruptcy case with other creditors.

Ben Meiselas, a lawyer who defended the public’s lawsuit, told the newspaper that he was satisfied with the judge’s decision.

“Billy (McFarland) went to jail, got some money back when the audience was paid, and made some really funny documentaries,” he said, citing the event’s main organizer.

The dream that turned into a nightmare

The Fère Festival was promoted by international celebrities such as models Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio and Hailey Baldwin, and debuted as a high-standard event that marked “food, art, music and adventure” on the island Caribbean I promised.

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Some packages cost up to US $ 100 thousand (approximately R $ 600 thousand). There was so much infamy in this case that Netflix premiered the documentary in January 2019 Fair Festival: Fasco No Caribe.

Hit the urge to see it too, right?

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