Photos show a python snake swallowing a whole crocodile in Australia; View | unusual world

Photos show a python snake swallowing a whole crocodile in Australia;  View |  unusual world

moment recorded in photo

According to the portal, pictures of the moment when a python snake swallowed a whole crocodile again went viral on the internet this week. TV9
. The photos were taken in the Queensland region of Australia.

The registration was done by photographer Martin Muller, who provided images to GG Wildlife Rescue Inc., an Australian non-profit organisation, in 2019.

In the pictures you can see the python wrapped around the crocodile’s body, opening its mouth and swallowing the prey whole. According to Live Science, these snakes can eat large animals with a length of more than 6 meters.

“It’s common for them to eat anything if it fits in their mouths,” Michelle Jones, owner of GG Wildlife Rescue Inc., told Portal. daily Mail.

To manage the digestion of animals of this size, pythons are able to optimize their metabolism. According to the website, these increase the size of internal organs such as the intestine, heart and pancreas. Snakes also digest all the bones, flesh, and organs of their prey, taking out only those parts rich in keratin and enamel, such as scales and teeth.

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