Pilot blacked out and passenger had to disembark – Metro World News Brasil

Pilot blacked out and passenger had to disembark – Metro World News Brasil

Last Tuesday (10) A scene worthy of a Hollywood movie happened in real life at Palm Beach Airport in Florida, United States.

A passenger on a Cessna Grand Caravan 208 was on a private flight when the pilot suddenly contracted illness and fainted midway. The desperate passenger took control of the plane without ever flying it before, and now had the daunting task of landing the Cessna at the nearest airport.

He went inside and contacted the control tower and asked for help. “I have a serious situation here. My pilot had fainted and I don’t know how to fly the plane,” he told the flight controller.

Immediately the flight controller gave the first information on how to proceed, asking him to try to keep the wings level and move the controls slightly forward, to begin the descent,

A video released by US broadcaster ABC showed the plane landing safely.

The man responsible for supporting the pilot for the first time was Controller Robert Morgan, who is being treated like a hero in his city. “I knew the plane was flying and I had to keep him calm, point to the runway and tell him how to turn down the power so he could descend.”

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Having never flown that model aircraft before, the controller used a photo of the cockpit to understand the controls and guide the novice towards Palm Beach Airport.

After landing, the instructor went to the runway to hug the pilot and congratulate him on the first landing of his life.

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