PL wants EV chargers to be disconnected at peak times in the UK

PL wants EV chargers to be disconnected at peak times in the UK

A bill in the UK aims to turn off domestic EV (electric vehicle) chargers at peak times to avoid overcharging and blackouts.

The law, proposed by Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps, stipulates that shippers are idle for nine hours a day. The remedy will be valid for both domestic and commercial use.


Under the law, from 30 May 2022, new chargers in the UK – called “smart chargers” by the government – must come with an internet connection and presets that limit their ability to function. In such a situation, the charger can work only from 8 am to 11 am and from 4 pm to 10 pm only.

In addition to the nine-hour break, officials also plan to impose a 30-minute “randomly generated delay” on shippers in some areas to avoid extreme peaks.

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The British government believes such measures will help prevent power grid blackouts. Despite this, the Boris Johnson management states that the UK public and road shippers will be exempt from the law.

By 2030, there will be more than 14 million electric cars on British roads. According to the Department of Transportation, there is a risk that too many EVs will be loaded once the owners get home from work and hence the justification for stricter legislation.

The British government also claims the law can help drivers save costs. This is because charging will now be done outside peak hours when electricity rates are cheaper.

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In the coming years, technology Vehicle to Grid (V2G) It should also reduce the possibility of grid overload with a more compatible smart charger. In this regime, it is possible to carry out so-called bidirectional charging, in which the car battery can also be used to supply energy to third parties, be it another car or even a home.

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