Playoff – United States dominates Nicaragua in first pre-Olympic game

Playoff - United States dominates Nicaragua in first pre-Olympic game

The United States could not better start the baseball pre-Olympic campaign later this year in search of a spot at the Tokyo Games. On Monday night (05/31), the American team defeated Nicaragua without difficulty, winning 4 to 1 in practically all classes in the win.

The United States had 14 attacks while Nicaragua had just five attacks. Interestingly, the only American players who failed to make a legitimate hit were veteran Todd Frazier, a two-time All-Star and currently on minor league teams in the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Matt Kemp, who is now on the team Are out, but have since been selected for the MLB Star Game three times. However, Frazier made the first American race from the first entry a. Inspired with Fly pouch.

But the young players did the trick outside defender Jaren Duran (photo), which is prospectus number 3 Farm Led the team with three hits and two RBIs from the Boston Red Sox and what many expect to see in MLB soon. Eric Filiya, a former 20th-round selector of the 2016 draft who is in the Seattle Mariners Minor League, also had two RBIs in the match.

Another young man who impressed was pitcher Matthew Libertore, the St. Louis Cardinals’ main prospect who arrived at the exchange in St. Louis to take Randy Arozzarena to the Tampa Bay Rays. Liberator pitched for five innings, allowing five hits and one run, while removing four hitters from strike outs. The Cardinals prospectus finished the game with 86 shots, 56 of which were within the strike zone.

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(Photo: Playback / Official Twitter USA Baseball)

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