PlayStation Now Cards Removed From UK Stores •

PlayStation Now Cards Removed From UK Stores •

Microsoft’s Game Pass Contest Coming Soon?

Rumors that Sony will soon be launching a service that competes with Microsoft’s Game Pass, and this new information strengthens suspicions even more.

The new information comes from the UK, where PlayStation Now subscription service cards are starting to be pulled from store shelves.

search was done by gamesbeat, Thank you wccfttech, stating that retailers including the game series have informed them that they have been instructed to withdraw PlayStation Now cards from sale by January 21st.

GamesBeat had access to an internal statement from the game store chain, which read that “Stores have until the end of Wednesday, January 19 to remove all POS and ESD cards from all customer-facing areas. And as of this week.” Update your digital segment accordingly. Next commercial update…”.

Rumors have intensified about a new Sony service for the PlayStation ecosystem, with some saying that PlayStation Now will merge with PlayStation Plus, adopting the PlayStation Plus name for the new subscription service, and ending PS Now .

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