PlayStation Will Have A Routine With Sexist Practices, Former Employee Explains Play

PlayStation Will Have A Routine With Sexist Practices, Former Employee Explains  Play

Sony Play Station They were again accused of having a toxic work environment for women. Story Portal on Wednesday (9). issued by axon, which brings together reports from eight more women about their work experiences at the company. The statement joins a lawsuit filed in November 2021 by the company’s former security analyst Emma Majo.

The reports released contain comments about gender discrimination and alleged discrimination against pregnant women. It was also reported that 11 women resigned from the same office in a span of four months due to this situation. hey tectudo contacted the advice of Play Station To ask for a position, but have not yet received a response.

Sony PlayStation would regularly have a toxic environment for women in their offices; Understanding – Photo: Victor Teixeira / Techtudo

Emma Majo filed the lawsuit in November 2021 talking about the pay gap between men and women, wrongful termination and other cases of gender discrimination. The company’s former security analysts are trying to bring together other employees who have faced discrimination at work, and that includes eight women who filed complaints. it is worth remembering that soundAnd Tried to dismiss the case in 2021, citing a lack of details that would serve as evidence.

Harrington also recalled the case of an engineer who told her not to wear a skirt to work because, according to her, it distracted her. In a report, the former director also pointed out that, when she asked for a separate room to breastfeed her newborns, she was directed to a pantry with a broken lock. Without ideal conditions, Harrington claimed to have stopped breastfeeding babies sooner than expected given the situation.

OnlyNew York Play Station Isn’t the first video game company to sue over a toxic work environment for women. in 2021, Blizzardthird The lawsuit was filed for sexual harassment and gender discrimination cases within the company. The situation generated a major controversy and led to several dismissals. Because of this a character Overwatch needs to be renamed,

with information from polygonKotaku (1 And two) And axon

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