Poca fights Lucas and calls him “Demon”. Video

Lucas, after arguing with Nigo Di, cut the camera off what he said, but according to Poca he made some threats and wanted the confessional to open so that he could report it. Amidst this confusion he ended up arguing and the singer also called Lucas a demon, and he replied: “You did the wrong play”

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Watch the video of all the confusion:

The dawn at BBB’s house was full of confusion, frills and shouts. Many threatened to leave the program, with Lucas, Karol, Arthur also packing their bags. It all started when Lucas, who already hated the house, decided to stay with Gilberto and eventually Lucas was called opportunistic by Lumena and the other contestants and caused a major confusion.

Meanwhile, in another room, Lumina and Karol Konk attack Carla Diaz, stating that she must have hit the bill within the program, calling the actress a fake and even stating that if she separated from the program If it were, it would have been different. She threatened Carla Diaz and confirmed the thesis that she was nothing more than a gold, as she had been watching her posture for more than 8 days.

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