Poco M4 Pro Another good Xiaomi phone with 5G | analysis / review

Poco M4 Pro Another good Xiaomi phone with 5G |  analysis / review

Poco M4 Pro 5G This is yet another Xiaomi intermediary option for those looking for a good mobile phone compatible with the new generation networks. It brings bigger screen with better quality, better cameras, faster charging and stereo sound. Does all this make its value for money unbeatable? we will see.

The design tries to escape from the Redmi line and features a massive block at the back as has been standard in the Poco line. The design may not be completely unheard of and is even reminiscent of other recent Xiaomi releases, but it’s undeniable that we still have a definite identity here.

The screen disappoints in brightness, but has good colors. The panel responds at a maximum of 90Hz, but the touch sensor goes beyond that to ensure better response times in games. Stereo sound is a nice addition, with powerful audio but not so balanced between bass, mids, and treble.

Multitasking performance is another weakness; Poco M4 Pro frequently reloads apps. At least it gives good gaming performance. The battery lasts well in the standard 60Hz mode; If you decide to switch to 90Hz you will have less autonomy, but still enough for a whole day. Recharge time is just over an hour, which is well above the range.

There are only two cameras, which may seem like a step back compared to its predecessor, but what matters is that it’s more useful than the one dedicated to ultra-wide blur. The Poco M4 Pro delivers decent photographic performance in any conditions and records decent selfies from the front. The camcorder is more limited, doesn’t record in 4K and can focus more quickly.

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To check all the details of Poco M4 Pro 5G review, just access the link given below. You will also see what he has to offer to his rivals.

While the Poco M4 Pro 5G has not been officially launched in Brazil, you can check out the offers for the imported model below:

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