Pokਮmon Sword and Shield Player Explore No one knows about the new feature

Pokਮmon Sword and Shield Player Explore No one knows about the new feature

A. Pokemon Sword and Shield The player has discovered a secret new feature that has been missed by users of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, if not all of them. It’s not uncommon for players to discover new features for a year old game, especially games that are heavily discharged like the new mainline. Pokemon Release. Still, this week, streamer and pixel artist “TAHK0” discovered a gameplay feature that many Sword and ield shield The players had no clue.

During a recent stream of the game, THK0 found himself waving around the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Kans when he saw his character waving around his arms and laughing. At first, it was unclear if the two actions were related, but it turns out they were.

As you can see in the video below, TAHK0 had no clue about this feature. Since the stream, the clips have formed circles inside Pokemon Lack of community nitty gritty that all manifest Pokemon Fans also had no clue about this feature.

Of course, when it comes to stories like this, you can always claim a player or two who knew them about this feature, which is great, but that doesn’t deny the fact that a lot of players Have none Give clues that if you move your joy-cons, it can make your character happy in the game. And it’s fantastic; Pokemon Fans are a complex group, and they often don’t remember things like that.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Available through Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. For more coverage of the sports duo and everything Pokemon – Including all the latest news, rumors and leaks – Click here or view the links below:

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