Police arrested the accused of Lupine set robbery

Police arrested the accused of Lupine set robbery

Authorities in France are formally accusing seven people of stealing Netflix film sets – most notably the series Lupine, which precisely deals with the adventures of a famous thief.

According to the France-Presse news agency, seven people aged between 13 and 21 were arrested for their involvement in the criminal action. Some of them, because they are minors, are only under “judicial supervision”, and some members of the group already have history with the police.

The incident occurred in early March this year during the filming of the third batch of episodes of Lupine, starring Omar Sayu, As the crew shot the scenes in the district of France NanterreAbout 20 people would have invaded the location, some of them armed, and stole equipment after attacking the team with fireworks. Altogether . About this € 300 thousand (approximately R$1.6 million in direct currency conversion) were lost in the equipment.

next steps

The police have already partially recovered the stolen set and the contents of the set, but other gang members are absconding. A similar crime took place a few days back during the shooting of another Netflix series, The Crown, in the UK. However, there is no clear link between the cases, at least for now.

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