Popcorn Time, ‘Netflix Pirate’ shut down

Popcorn Time

The Popcorn Time streaming platform announced the end of activities last Tuesday (4.Jan.2022). Created in 2014 and famous for competing with Netflix, the platform has faced fewer hits and dealt with copyright law.

According to information published by Bloomberg newspaper, the administrators of the forum sent a statement to journalists with the abbreviation RIP (Rest in Peace, or Rest in Peace, in Portuguese).

The creators claim that the service was never about piracy, as they did not host any stolen content on the site. The explanation was that the site only offered “redirections” from one computer to another, depending on where the movie or series was.

Despite the defense’s argument, the platform has faced more than 200 lawsuits since it began its activities on the Internet. In 2015, 1 year after the birth of Popcorn Time, Netflix published in its financial report, that it faced its difficulties, “Piracy is one of the biggest competitors”.

global pandemic

Searches for films and series returned the platform during a period of social isolation and public access was in satisfactory numbers, but the growth did not last long. In a note announcing the end of the site, the developers show a graph showing the decline in visitor numbers in recent months.

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