Portugal extends flight ban from Brazil and the United Kingdom until 1 March

Portugal extends flight ban from Brazil and the United Kingdom until 1 March

Portugal’s government has extended the ban on flights with origin or destination to Brazil and the United Kingdom until 1 March. The previous measure ends on 14 February.

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The initial justification for the suspended flights was a worsening of the epidemiological situation in the world, an increase in cases of Kovid-19 infection in Portugal and the detection of new strains of the virus in Brazil.

“Considering the most recent Union recommendations [Europeia]… There is a need to expand and reinforce restrictive air traffic measures, which methodically align with current public health concerns. “

The analysis by Fiocruz (Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) shows that the variant Originated in amazon. Mutations, previously unheard of, caused a Brazilian strain of Saras-Cove-2, leading to Kovid-19.

Portugal’s measure provides exceptions for flights for repatriation of Portuguese citizens or family members. People with residence permit in the country are also allowed.

To do this, they must be present, when going to Portugal, 72 hours before the flight, a test with a coronovirus negative result. On arrival in the country, they should observe 14 days of mandatory quarantine at the place indicated by the health authorities, at home or in the absence thereof.

Other Countries ACCOMPANY

Italy, which banned flights from Brazil on 16 January, extended the ban to 15 February for visitors passing through the South American country.

Spain has also banned travelers from Brazil or South Africa since the beginning of the month. The aim of local government was to prevent the entry of more infectious variants of new coronoviruses, which have already been identified in these two countries.

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The only exception to the rule is for Spanish citizens and residents of the country. The ban should be valid for at least two weeks, i.e. by 17 February.

On 15 January, the United Kingdom suspended all flights from South America and Portugal. According to the British government’s transport secretary, Grant Shaps, the reason for inclusion of the Portuguese country in the list was “Its strong connection with Brazil”.

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