Portugal, United Kingdom and Germany have daily records of deaths by Kovid-19

Portugal, United Kingdom and Germany have daily records of deaths by Kovid-19

The United Kingdom, Germany and Portugal recorded records of new cases and deaths caused by Kovid-19 on this Friday (8.jan.2021). The countries are part of European countries which are recording high records of the disease in the second wave of epidemic of coronovirus infection.

No The uk, According to data obtained from the monitor, 1,325 deaths were recorded Worldometer, An upward trend in the number of deaths. The country has set a death record for 3 consecutive days. More than 79,000 Britons have died of the disease since the epidemic began.

In addition, 68,053 new cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the country within 24 hours. There are over 3 million cases of Kovid-19 in the UK. It is the 5th most infected country in the world behind the United States, Brazil, India and Russia.

a Germany In the last 24 hours, 1,143 deaths were reported from Kovid-19, of which 25,811 cases were recorded in a day with a maximum of 1. The highest number of deaths was declared on 30 December, with 1,129 victims, while a record of daily infections was recorded on the 18th of last month with 33,777 cases.

Overall, the country has recorded 40,600 deaths and 1.9 million cases.

Another European country, Portugal That Friday (8 January) was the worst day since the onset of the epidemic. In the last 24 hours, there were 11 deaths, 4 more than the previous record of deaths, which occurred on 13 December.

In addition, 10,176 new cases were confirmed in the country, also 1 new daily record. Since March, there have been 466,700 cases and 7,500 deaths in Portugal.

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