Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia

Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia
Daniel Bastos, historian and author. Photo: DR

Portuguese community in Australia, which have their roots in the second half of the century. XX, with the arrival of a group of migrants from the island of Madeira to the port city of Fremantle, stands out for its complete integration into the continent-island currently located in the Southern Hemisphere in Oceania.

Although official data indicates that there are over 55,000 Portuguese living in Australia today, the Portuguese community is spread across cities such as Perth, Melbourne or Sydney, where you can find cultural and recreational centres, restaurants and neighborhoods where you can especially can speak the language. Why cameos?

The Portuguese cultural heritage in Australian territory has been voluntarily active and protected since 10 June 1997. Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia. Not only within the Portuguese community in Australia, but through a group of compatriots determined to promote the national culture and traditions, a museum space was inaugurated in Camperdown, the neighborhood with the highest concentration of Portuguese in the City of Sydney . The diverse communities that make up this nation that stands out for its multiculturalism.

The Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia, which is at the same time a cultural center that promotes temporary exhibitions, theatre, concerts and conventions, thus promoting harmony and Portuguese identity between immigrants and Portuguese descendants, including many of the homeland’s There are replicas and symbols. For example, replicas of caravels, costumes of Verinas from Minho, Madeira and Lisbon, guitars, pottery from Alentejo, bobbin lace or carpets from Areolos.

The collection of the Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia, which invites you on a journey through national cultures and traditions, has been enriched over the past few decades with items donated or loaned by members of the Portuguese-Australian community, as well as various sent by. Chambers of articles alluding to the cultures and traditions of their municipalities.

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The institution’s relevant role in the conservation and transmission of Portuguese cultural heritage in Australia was attributed to the then Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, José Luis Carneiro, during an official visit to Oceania in March 2018. Competence of communities for the Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia.

As a unique place that simultaneously honors the Portuguese presence in Australia, values ​​the Portuguese-Australian community and the spread of the native language and culture on the island continent, the Portuguese Ethnographic Museum in Australia is dedicated to the development of Portuguese communities around the world. An inspiring example for what should be primarily respect for your past, the making of your present and the projection of your future.

Author: Daniel Bastos, historian and author.

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