Positive for Prince Carl Philippe and Princess Sophia Kovid of Sweden-19


Sweden’s royal couple have reportedly experienced flu symptoms, becoming the latest members of the royalty to test positive for the killer virus during an ongoing pandemic.

Aceshobiz – Sweden Princess Sophia And Prince Carl Philip Kovid is the latest member of the Royalty to test positive for the 19th.

Swedish royal court officials told Reuters the couple was “feeling relatively good in the circumstances” and had been experiencing “mild flu symptoms” since Wednesday night (November 25).

Their relatives King Carl XIV Gustaf, Queen Sylvia, Crown Princess Victoria, And Prince Daniel The virus will also be tested, although it is unclear whether the couple’s children, Prince Alexander, four, and Prince Gabriel, three, will be tested. At the moment the children are not feeling any symptoms.

The couple was last seen in contact with other members of the royal family at the funeral of Queen Sylvia’s brother. Walther Somerlath Last Friday (November 20). However, all attendees were tested before the event and social distance was maintained, people said.

Heirs to the British throne Prince Charles, Also contracted Kovid-19 during the initial lockdown. His symptoms were described as mild and he recovered after the separation.

In April Prince William Also fought with coronavirus. Although his father had mild symptoms, Dr. Cam F. Cambridge reportedly had difficulty breathing but chose to keep the ring a secret because he did not want to alarm the nation.

In October, Sophie, daughter-in-law of the Countess of Wessex Queen Elizabeth II – was forced to self-isolate after coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for coronavirus.

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The same thing happened with King Philip and Queen Letizia. The Spanish royals were separated after coming into contact with Conid-19. Several months later, their daughters Leonor, Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Sophia of Spain were separated after testing positive for a classmate for CORID-19.

Meanwhile, in March, sad news came from King Felipe’s cousin. Princess Maria Teresa of Bourbon-Parma has died at the age of 86 after losing a battle with Covid-18. He is the first royal to die from the coronavirus.

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