Presenter Let’s Go Marvel’s “Doctor Fate” Project

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Doctor Doom is one of the most beloved villains in Marvel Comics, but he was never lucky enough to appear in the film adaptation. Fans have been clamoring for the character’s introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years.And it seems to be coming with a heavyweight interpreter now.

Howard Stern, one of the radio and TV personalities in the United States, let slip that he would be in a Marvel Studios project about a villain. The presenter accidentally opened up about his involvement with the MCU during a recent episode of “The Howard Stern Show”.

According to the information released by comic book movie, During daily radio shows on SiriusXM, microphones were not muted while commercials were running, allowing listeners to hear a conversation that should not have been broadcast.

In a leaked conversation with co-host Robin Quivers, Stern hinted that he would be playing Doctor Doom in an undisclosed Marvel project. His schedule is still being worked on, but the radio host even said he contacted Robert Downey Jr. To give you some tips.

“They’re reviewing the program today and it’s going to suck,” Stern says. He then amends an answer: “I said I was going to Fate Doctor.” “Are you excited about it?” Quivers asks, “Yes, I called Robert Downey Jr., before answering Stern. [e] I asked him the technique of acting.”

And of course, the conversation will not go unnoticed by hardcore Marvel fans, who captured and shared the presenter’s speech on Twitter. listen:

The mystery points to a Doctor Doom project going into production soon, possibly targeting a debut in 2023 or early 2024, depending on Disney’s release window.

It is worth noting that Howard Stern isn’t a prolific actor (he only has two acting credits), making him a surprising choice to play the iconic villain. However, it is possible that the project mentioned by Howard Stern may not be live-action or even tied to the MCU. Marvel has produced several fiction podcasts, so Stern can voice Doctor Doom on the podcast.

ahead, Marvel has already confirmed a film about the “Fantastic Four”, but there has been no confirmation of the villain’s appearance in the feature film, which recently lost its director Jon Watts. There are also big rumors pointing to an introduction by Doctor Doom in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” which hits theaters in November.

there is another possibility If Doom appears in MCU animations on Disney+, such as “What if…?”

The possibilities are great, but now it looks like Howard Stern may play Doctor Doom in the MCU. Anyway if to deny or to confirm, more news to come soon.

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