Producer guarantees “Rick and Morty” film and says: “It has to be epic”

Producer guarantees “Rick and Morty” film and says: “It has to be epic”
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like adults like pictures South Park I simpson, a film of acclaimed animation much to be said about rick and morty.

However, none of the projects has ever gained momentum in this sense. As of now, Scott Marder, as producer of the animated series, guarantees that the story of the mad scientist and his grandson will win a chapter in theaters.

He said the feature film “will be” and described:

That would be scary. I feel like every episode is a movie. So I want to know how it will work. It would have to be very epic. I think it will happen. I know it will happen.

It must be something big – like an interactive 3D movie that also has a theme park. I don’t know if a normal film can be made or not. These are 4D cinemas in New York City.

We really want this movie!

Rick and Morty and HBO Max

Criada, by Dan Harmon (“Community”) and Justin Roiland (“Solar Opposite”) rick and morty Premiered in 2013. On June 20, the fifth season will be released simultaneously in the United States and Brazil.

After the first episode airs, the others will be available on HBO Max, a platform that will arrive here on June 29, nine days after the fifth year’s premiere. rick and morty.

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