PS Plus’s Final Fantasy VII Remake will have an upgrade option

PS Plus's Final Fantasy VII Remake will have an upgrade option

do you remember when the version of PS5 From Final Fantasy VII Remake has come and ps plus customers left of update, Well, the game has changed. Those who have redeemed titles through the service will soon be able to count on Square Enix’s JRPG improvements. According to the publisher the resource will be available on Wednesday (22).

In addition to the upgrade – not to mention the additional costs in the post – those interested in DLC Intermission with Ninja Yufi Kisaragi will be able to purchase the expansion at 25% discount for a limited time. The information was shared by the company Twitter, check out:

From Wednesday…

PS Plus customers who redeem Final Fantasy VII Remake through the service will be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of the game;

Intermission Episodes, DLC starring Yafi Kisaragi, will be at 25% off for a limited time;

When Square Enix Announced Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrademade the consumers aware about not upgrading to PS Plus subscribers. Part of the March line-up, Adventures of the Cloud will soon get even better for those who saved the game and have PS5.

Final Fantasy VII Remake arrives on PC

The Adventures of Claude, Tifa and the rest of the Sector 7 Fighters debuted on December 16 for PC. The JRPG’s arrival on the stage was announced during The Game Awards. see how it goes,

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