PS4’s Horizon Forbidden West appears on the Internet

PS4's Horizon Forbidden West appears on the Internet

Images from an old build of Horizon Forbidden West From PS4 appeared on the Internet. Although the files are not polished properly, they contain all the material of Alloy’s new saga ready for the final version, that is, fail Already circulating on social media.

This information was revealed on Twitter after two pictures of the gameplay were published. Removed after copyright complaints, repeat captures by users on other platforms. So far, Records has not presented any data that would be harmful to fans.

For the above reasons the removal of PS4 Horizon Forbidden West leaked footage reveals legitimacy in the content. This way, players have to be careful not to accidentally learn more details of the story while browsing social media.

mayuplastation Will not share the captures mentioned in this article. If you want to avoid spoilers, browse social media carefully (or even avoid them).

PS4’s Horizon Forbidden West wasn’t the only exclusive it went through

This case is similar to The Last of Us Part II., when a nearly complete copy – pre-gold – was distributed to the selected people. As with Alloy’s sequel, a potential PS4 jailbreak may have unlocked the rest of the content where a user exploited it.

It will be possible to make a search in the horizon Forbidden West

Fundraising to craft gear for Alloy will be revamped on his next adventure. Players will be able to create missions to collect the resources they want in the game. Eye,

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