Purgem condemned for slavery-based work for Black History Month

Purgem condemned for slavery-based work for Black History Month

PureJim has now apologized and removed the post (Photo: PURJIM)

Purgem criticized for launching ‘slavery-based’ fitness classes as part of them Celebrating the month of black history.

The workout was advertised on a Facebook page for PeerJim’s Luton and Dunstable branch, and the class called itself ’12 Years of Slave ‘, inspired by a similar title from the 2013 Oscar-winning film.

Read the Facebook post that has now been deleted; ‘Slavery was hard and that’s it,’ and the workaholic includes small sprints, burps, deadlifts, and other challenging moves.

Read the ad published on Jim’s social media page, entitled “12 Classflavs” (after the epic movie), this is our workout designed to celebrate Black History Month by @Matsumpt.

‘Slavery was hard and that’s it.

‘The turn in it is 1 representative of your first exercise, 2 of the second, but before you go to the third exercise, which is also 3 reps, you have to start from the beginning to move forward. And that’s how the whole work goes. ‘

However, not many people think that creating a workout based on the challenges of slavery is the best way to celebrate Black Month. In fact, many people who have seen the ad are very upset.

‘Oh wow this is a shame – please delete it, train some variation for all your staff and take the place of a long and detailed apology !!!’ Wrote a gym-gear.

Another said, “Pure Gym should have a sophisticated tone marketing team that thinks it’s acceptable to compare an exercise slavery to an FF.”

Someone asked: ‘Please tell me, aren’t you going to the gym with the horrors of the slave trade ?!’

Many angry people in the comments are eager to apologize for the post for Jim, and others said a great way to celebrate Black History Month is to train staff effectively on diversity issues.

Hours before posting an ad for the ’12-year-old slave ‘workout, Luton & Dunstable Jim posted an inspirational message on his Facebook page about celebrating black history – it has also been deleted.

“For some of us, racial sadness has never been higher,” read the post. “We can only hope for change but when we do, this month let’s profile the life changers who have made so many things possible for us.”

The picture with the post was a picture of Martin Luther King quoting his famous ‘I have a dream’.

A PureJim representative told Metro.co.uk that the company “unofficially apologizes” for the Facebook post.

“This position is completely unacceptable, was not approved or supported by the company and was removed as soon as it was brought to our attention,” he says.

‘Each of our 271 gyms has its own social media channel that operates locally. We take this matter very seriously and are immediately investigating how and why this post was created. ‘

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Black History Month

October marks Black History Month, highlighting the achievements, cultures and contributions of black people in the UK and around the world, as well as raising awareness about the diverse history of people of African and Caribbean descent.

For more information on events and celebrations taking place this year, see the official Black History Month Website.

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