Queen’s Gambito becomes Netflix’s most watched miniseries

Queen's Gambito becomes Netflix's most watched miniseries

a Netflix Announced today (23) Queen’s throne, Production about chess player Anya taylor-joey, Became the most visited scripted tower on the stage since its creation. Persuade the audience official site, a Netflix Reported that 62 million users watched the series in its first 28 days.

The stage also revealed other figures that prove the series’ impact worldwide. Since its launch, the search for “how to play chess” has doubled on Google, and the book of Walter Tavis, Which inspired the adaptation of Netflix, returned to the bestseller list new York Times. Nevertheless, interest in chess boards on eBay has increased 250%.

According to Wrap upNetflix among limited series viewers Queen’s throne Just stay back Tiger mafia, Which had a total viewership of 64 million. Queen’s throne It also entered the top 10 of the most viewed productions in 92 countries, reaching first place in 63 regions, including Brazil, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Queen’s throne Available on Netflix.

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