Raya and the Last Dragon defeated Multan at Disney +

Raya and the Last Dragon defeated Multan at Disney +
Raya and the Last Dragon debuted in theaters and premiered Essen (Photo: Disclosure / Disney)

A movie Raya and the last dragon The iconic Chinese warrior legend performed poorly compared to live-action Mulan No Disney +.

According to a report Screen night, Performed less than the first film to use animation Premier acess In September, streaming 2020.

Mulan Arrived on the platform for an additional $ 30 dollars, allowing users to watch live-action for up to three months.

Disney Arrived at BrazilIn November of last year and the film was already included at no extra charge. Forum Mickey mouse Decided to use the same strategy with the beginning of Raya and the last dragon.

However, the film was released simultaneously in some theaters and was also available in streaming. Premier acess, In addition to the monthly fee of R $ 27.90 that customers already pay, whoever wants to watch the animation will have to pay extra money.

According to the data analysis company, business Insider, Adventure and fantasy animation received 20% less purchase Disney America America During her launch weekend, she becomes one of the greatest warriors of the entire world, risking her life for the love of her family and country, compared to the story of a fearless young woman. China, During the same period.

Soon, procurement declined by 30% by purchasing one production from another. although Disney Has not officially confirmed this data.

Raya and the last dragon Despite recovering from the new epidemic Coronavirus And with the theatrical boycott, the animation premiered for only US $ 8.6 million (RS 48.4 million) America On 2,045 screens and took the lead in it North America.

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However, it failed to match the influential box office in the eponymous time of the launch of the famous duo Tom and Jerry: The Movie Which took US $ 14.1 million (R $ 80.2 million) a week ago.

Overall, the animated feature grossed only $ 87 million, which is not good for a film that had an estimated budget of over $ 100 million.

The film received very positive critical acclaim with approval in rotten Tomatoes Settling at 94%, with a score of 7.80 / 10 based on 54 rewiews so far. And there is an easter egg in the animation Moana.

although Disney Will continue with the model Premier acessIncluding the stage announced that live-action Cruella And by solo film Kali Mai Will be released in theaters and on the simultaneous streaming service.

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