Read dig review

Read dig review

Real story behind Digging it’s very interesting. In 1939, widow Edith Pretty appointed archaeologist Basil Brown to investigate the land on his property, resulting in the discovery of one of Britain’s most important treasures. Years later, Anglo-Saxon artifacts were taken to the British Museum and exposed without any mention of Brown. In which book Digging Based on John preston And published in 2007, sheds light on this little recognized name. In the same vein, Netflix’s adaptation is just as admirable.

In the movie Simon stone, There is a relationship, created in silence between the beautiful, which is explained Carrie Mulligan, E brown, paper Ralph Fiennes. For half of the film, the two follow in the footsteps of a classic British novel, in a deeply judicious manner. Exchanging the look, a special care in clothing and a slightly tense atmosphere is all that is needed to develop a romantic atmosphere between such English characters. It all works well till then Digging He changes his mind completely and, when more researchers are interested in archeological discovery, the film becomes a study of the human heritage and the fleeting nature of life.

Subtlety is then abandoned, and a character like Peggy Pigot (Lily james) E Rory LomaxJohnny flynn) Begin to talk, in a very concrete way, about relics, their meanings and memories passing from generation to generation. Preity discovers the fragility of the heart (to make the romantic hero’s face even more clear) and questions the fleeting nature of life. Basil, conductive wire DiggingFrom his father inherited his profession, which he learned from his grandfather, and for this reason it can be considered a solid figure of human heritage.

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There are some elements that work very well Digging, Especially picture Mike elle, Without which Stone’s film would have gone downhill. Its distant aircraft and faded colors, like the time-tested photographs, give life to the film’s own thesis and translate the poetic atmosphere in a way better than the director’s work. From the performances of his legendary actors, to the already acclaimed pair of supporting actors James and Flynn, Digging There is an undeniable English charm.

But one of the biggest appeals of Netflix production is the unfolding of the actual story, which was distorted in the spotlight, and for this reason the choice of hero is somewhat questionable. Edith Pretty was 57 years old at the time of Sutton Hu’s treasure hunt and the opportunity to narrate the life of a more mature woman is wasted with the casting of young Mulligan, 35 years old. Nothing against poetic license. But if the film’s commitment was to reveal Brown’s real story (which was eight years younger than Finance), it wouldn’t be interesting. Digging Have you not fallen into the trap of age?

Even if it doesn’t bother the viewer looking for historical entertainment, there’s another element that undermines Netflix’s production: the soundtrack. Trying to recreate, perhaps, the atmosphere of Downton AbbeyDebut Composers Stephen Gregory He packed Preity and Brown’s journey with an insistent piano, which unbalances the melancholy feelings towards Brega, and has been present since the first scene. For those who saw Digging, I suggest an experiment: Review the opening scene in mute. There is much power in Fiennes’s interpretation and Ellie’s photography, which are drowned out by Gregory’s constant ballads.

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Direction: Simon stone

List: Ralph Fiennes, Lily James, Johnny Flynn, Carrie Mulligan

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